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About Active Prevention ...

This web-site is committed to support a Natural Holistic Active Preventative Health Care System.

Natural Therapies have demonstrated over centuries to be the "System" in service to support and advance Health to the state of Complete Physical, Mental and Social Well-being.

Our services is "Guided" by a 200 year old quote that has become more important in view of the escalating rise of Lifestyle Diseases:

* "The microbe is nothing. The terrain is everything”

We don't need more Hospitals, we need more "Healthy People"!

The separation of the Natural and Medical Systems.

NOTE: Most concerns about Natural Therapy, stem from "misrepresentation".

" Medical Science Standards are NOT applicable to Natural Therapy Standards!"

Natural Therapy Standards are based on "Active Prevention"! - Protecting and supporting Health, as in complete physical, mental and social well-being.


Medical Science Standards are based on treating Diseases and fighting against "Microbes".

Those 2 systems could Not be more different, and at the same time, both are needed and vital!


"The microbe is nothing. The terrain is everything” ... *meaning in today's terms:

Medical System:

Pasteur's Germ theory, discovering Bacteria causing diseases and rejecting the notion that a healthy body system may not Prevent this from happening, has separated the Medical system from a Natural Preventative system.

Natural System

Claude Bernard and Antoine Bechamp (1816-1908), believed "disease was a condition of imbalance in the internal terrain of body". They emphasized the context or environment, the TERRAIN, in which germs lived.
On the one hand, if the terrain was balanced (homeostatic), then germs would not flourish.
On the other hand, if the terrain were out of balance, then germs would thrive. 

Today's Perspective:
Science showed us ... it is a bit of both, and we need both systems.

The NEW Paradigm of Health Care:

Health has declined, due to an increasing acceleration of Lifestyle Diseases!

Lifestyle Diseases are Preventable!

Active Prevention and the acknowledgement of Natural Therapy Modalities to facilitate and support Health in a Holistic and Individual way has become an "Essential Service".


"Divide to Unite" ...

We do have 2 different purposeful systems; The Natural Health and the Medical System.

The Natural Health System, even so it needs to be seen as important and equal as the Medical System, is often misrepresented, criticized and compared by the "Standards" of Medical Science.

At a first glance that may seem the right approach, BUT it has to be recognised and acknowledged that the Natural System can only be judged by their own "Standards", which stem from that point in History, where those 2 systems divided.

The Natural Therapy Standards are based on "The terrain is everything",

... which in today's terms mean: Active Prevention, supporting and building a healthy body system.

For this reason only, we first have to achieve "Total Separation" from the Medical Science System.

Once that is achieved, we can unite in order to progress working in "Parallel" for a better Health Care System.

As long as Natural Therapy is misrepresented, working together is poised with problems, and an uphill battle.

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