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Lobbying the Government to embrace Active Prevention

Active Prevention, a new paradigm in Health Care

What is Active Prevention?

Active Prevention means a person has to perform an activity, a "lifestyle" changing action, by including or excluding lifestyle habits. Compliance is achieved by frequent low cost check up consultations, health education, as well as joining Groups or Classes, such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Healthy Cooking, Meditation, etc.".

We don't need more Hospitals ... we need more Healthy People!

"One Apple a day keeps the Doctor away"
....actually means ... you have to eat the apple, it's not enough to know about it !

*Lobbying activities means communications in an effort to influence Government decision-making. 

NOTE: Active Prevention representatives are not registered lobbyists, as we simply offer vital information in the hope a government representatives will pass it on.

Active Prevention explanations and implementation strategies

The increase of 'preventable lifestyle diseases' that happened over the last 30 years, under the watchful eyes of the medical system, indicates a lack of foresight, and failure to implement Active Prevention Strategies, and long term policies to improve the nations health!


  1. Active' Prevention Introduction

  2. Why 'Active' Prevention?

  3. What is the difference between Active and Passive Prevention?


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